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year-long wait has ended. Apple has unveiled not just one but two iPhones with bigger displays and faster processors. Here is what makes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus special nike iphone cases australia.

A 4.7-inch screen with 1334 X 750 pixel resolution display, encased in an all-aluminium 6.8 mm slim chassis with a powerful A8, 64-bit chipset of brain. With ion-strengthened glass front, the curvature design aesthetic follows to the aluminium back that sports a stainless steel Apple. This is the iPhone 6 for you.

The bigger sibling encases a 5.5-inch display that marks Apple’s entry into the phablet space. The display has 1980 x 1080 pixel resolution in a 7.1mm thick chassis. The back is made of anodized aluminium and also has a stainless steel nike iphone 6 cases frame

The awesomeness of dimensions is extended to the innards too. The all new A8, 64-bit second-generation chipset is accompanied with the M8 co-processor. Apple claims that the A8, 64-bit chip is 25 per cent more powerful than its predecessor and offers 50 per cent faster graphics. The company promises that the A8 chipset would allow the device to run at full power without causing heat. The battery life is estimated at 15 hours of 3G talk time on the iPhone 6 and 24 hours on the iPhone 6 Plus.

While the megapixel count remains the same, both the iPhones have a new iSight sensor and both also support a faster auto focus. The iPhone 6 features a digital image stabilisation while the iPhone 6 Plus has an optical image stabilisation. Apple also says it’s now capable of capturing 1080p video at 30 or 60 frames per second, and Slo-Mo video at 240 frames per second. Panoramas have been increased to up to 43 megapixels.

In addition, the iPhones have got the NFC chips too for Apple Pay. This is the new payment service where payments can be made with the phone instead of the credit card at checkout counters. This makes the two iPhones unique. Of course, this service will first be available only in the US with no security threats as the credit card numbers are stored in the Passbook app. Neither Apple nor the retailer will have access to that information.

Irrespective of the bigger display, Apple has still made both the phones user friendly by introducing a new gesture called “Reachability,” to account for the increased screen size of the devices. Double touching the home button will slide down the entire display, making the top software buttons accessible in whatever app you’re in. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus cases australia also allows apps to show more information. For instance, in landscape mode, the Mail app will show both a list view of messages on the left side and the content of the selected message to the right, similar to how it is displayed on Apple’s iPad Air


I like the iphone 6 very much with Amazon Gifts Cases

When Apple announced the iPhone 6 Plus, I drooled over the gigantic screen. After using countless Android devices over the years, I had dreamed of the day Apple would release a phone with a screen bigger than five inches iphone 6 cases ebay.

Even with my admiration, I wasn’t completely sold on the jump in size. So, I ordered an iPhone 6, and Apple sent me a review unit of the 6 Plus. After a few days of using the 6 Plus, I learned to adjust to its size, and it became clear it was the device for me. The standard 6 sat in a box, unused, until I had to return the 6 Plus to Apple at

Upon returning to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, I gained an appreciation for how easy it was to manage. I no longer had to consciously think about what pocket (let alone cup holder in my car) I was putting my phone in. I was once again scanning my inbox or composing an iMessage with one hand, and despite taking a hit on battery life, I fell in love with the size of the smaller iPhone.

When the iPhone 6S Plus launched in iphone 6 case amazon, I tried it out for a few days only to get annoyed at its large footprint; an iPhone 6S worked better for me.

Now, as it comes time to preorder the iPhone 7, I have made the decision to go big. The iPhone 7 Plus will be my next iPhone, and I’m just going to have to learn to deal with it.

My reasoning doesn’t boil down to just the added camera features, although it definitely helps. There’s more to it than that.

I’m fortunate enough to have access to nearly every flagship Android device on the market. Each one boasts a screen size over the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, with most of them pushing 5.5 inches as the standard size. I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate the added screen real estate for working in Google Docs, watching YouTube videos, editing photos, and, well, just about everything else I do on a smartphone.

The difference is Android devices are often smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus despite having the same exact screen size. They’re easier to hold and manage.

Why such a drastic difference in size? The bezels surrounding the iPhone’s display. I’m desperately holding on to any hope that next year’s 10th anniversary iPhone will feature a complete redesign, perhaps shrinking down the home button now that it’s no longer a real button, and thus the bezel with it iphone 6 cases australia ebay.

Until that day comes, I’ll learn to deal with the arguably unnecessary bulk.


The Feeling When I Use The Iphone 6 as An Australian

With the iPhone 6, I don’t feel that I can comfortably hold the phone and use it in one hand without running the risk of dropping it.
Apple foresaw this problem, and introduced a feature called Readability. To activate this, you double-tap on the Home button without actually pressing it, and the screen slides down a bit. This is a nice idea, but it’s poorly designed. First, tapping the home button of designer iphone 6 cases Australia means that you need to twist your hand a bit; it’s not comfortable, and the way most people hold smartphones, the thumb can’t access this button easily. Then, as soon as you tap something on the screen, it slides back up again.

If you’re trying to navigate, say, the Settings app, you may need to tap several times to reach your goal. Using Readability, you may need to tap, double-tap, tap, double-tap, tap…
Think of the number of apps that have back buttons at the top-left of their screens. This is a very common convention, which worked fine on older iPhones, but now it’s problematic.

That back button is suddenly in the hardest-to-reach place, at least for a right-hander. With Reachability, you can access it, but I don’t feel that I’m holding the phone securely enough, and I have to tap these buttons so often that it’s simply annoying.
One of the main features of the larger iPhone is supposed to be its increased usability because of the larger display. However, this “handheld” device is no longer designed for most hands. The fact that this is problematic for me and my large hands suggests that for others, notably women, it will be even more difficult to use. I asked my partner to fiddle with my iPhone 6 a bit. She found it was impossible for her to do much one-handed, other than press the home button.
Apple clearly reacted to the market in deciding to make larger iPhones with Cheap Iphone 6 Plus Cases Online. There are many people who are delighted to use a smartphone with two hands, but many others who, like me, want to be able to use it with one hand as well. Apple is still selling the iPhone 5s at a lower price since it’s last year’s model. But I wonder if the company will keep selling the older model in large numbers to people who simply don’t want a phone as big as the iPhone 6.