iPhone 6 Plus Case – Cute Phone Protection as a Fashion Symbol

With the rapid development of science and technology level, technology and beauty industry as a new industry out of new industries. Fashion IT brand with the diversification of the market development. For the increase in cellphone cases australia brands and functions were diversified, the phone shell by the texture of the PC shell, leather, silicone, fabric, hard plastic, leather, metal glass shell, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other categories The Mobile phone shell not only as an ornament to make your phone a landscape, more protection of cell phones, drop, scratch, waterproof and shock!


In the late nineties of the twentieth century, mobile phone shell through the mobile phone slim start opportunity. Its type also with the mobile phone brand and function of the increase was diversified, according to the texture of leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic and other factors.


Mobile phone shell development to 2013, is no longer pure practical goods. With the popularity of mobile phones in the young community, almost every fashionable young people want to have a unique mobile phone. To the mobile phone, beauty has gradually become a way to show their personality.


To meet this trend, mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturers have introduced some more sophisticated workmanship, color patterns more chic products. This makes the type of mobile phone case more diversified.


The uses of cell phone cases are shown below:

1, to protect the role of mobile phones to prevent hard objects in the phone screen or fuselage left scratches.

2, the phone can be DIY in a variety of patterns, beauty, the role of fashion!

3, silicone shell can prevent nails for a long time with the key contact scratches, worn, there are a protective cheap iphone 6 plus cases australia screen and the role of the button.

4, silicone shell has a non-slip effect.


Mobile phone shell so hot to Apple as the representative of the smart phones have a lot of mobile phone shell can be a lot of energy to make people pleasing to the eye. Cortical, cartoon, metal, matte, diamond-studded, these dazzling array of mobile phone chassis market price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, especially custom photos by their customers favorite.


Mobile phone shell printer MINI version features: personalized custom, trendy new products, fashion, with mobile power, mobile management. Market prospects, there are mobile phones are customers. Small mini, small footprint; easy to carry, operating a flexible way; cheap, conducive to the rapid business.


Can be printed material, in addition to ordinary mobile phone shell, but also directly in the jelly shell, pudding round, more material can be printed, such as metal, TPU, PC, ABS, leather and other materials, glass products, wood products can also be directly Color printing.

Why I’m returning my iPhone 6 Plus Bought Online in Melbourne

Like many people, I preordered a new iPhone 6 Plus as soon as I possibly could. I didn’t choose the iPhone 6 Plus, the clown-shoe version of this device, but went for the standard-sized model. I’ve often desired to have a slightly larger screen, so I welcomed the idea of a 4.7-inch iPhone. I thought it would allow me to see more content, and use larger fonts, which would help my aging eyes. After using it for a few days, however, I’m not sure that I really want to keep it. I may return my iPhone 6 Plus Cases Designer and continue using the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a beautiful device. The display has rich, sharp colors, excellent contrast, and the large fonts make everything more readable. The design is sleek and smooth. But the problem is how the iPhone 6 Plus fits in my hand.

I’m used to doing most things with my iPhone one-handed. With an iPhone 5s, I can comfortably, and securely, hold the phone in my hand and reach almost any part of its display to tap it. The iPhone 6 Plus is very different. If I hold it securely, I can reach part of its display, and tap some buttons and icons, but for much of what I do I need two hands.

Reachability feels like Apple admitting the iPhone 6 Plus is too big to use one-handed. It’s a good idea, but in practice it takes too much tapping.

(The iPhone 6 Plus Plus is obviously a different animal. If you buy that, you know that you must use it with two hands. I don’t think any human beings have hands large enough to do much with that device one-handed.)

This is quite unexpected, as I have very large hands. With the iPhone 6 Plus Cases Australia, I don’t feel that I can comfortably hold the phone and use it in one hand without running the risk of dropping it. I always put cases on my iPhones, because they are expensive—I buy unlocked phones—but I don’t really like to test how well these cases work, if you get my drift. I bought a case for my iPhone 6 Plus, and, while it is very thin, it still adds an additional half-inch to the width of the phone, making it even harder to hold.